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Our Services

Commercial Janitorial Services

When it comes to running your business, the vendors you hire can make all the difference in the world. If you’re tired of replacing your janitorial service company due to their complacency or lack of follow-through, it’s time to go with the experts who believe that a job isn’t done until it’s done right. At RTG Building Services Inc, we provide the expertise, professionalism and ownership to deliver exceptional results you can depend on day and night.

If you in-source your janitorial services, we can alleviate this hefty responsibility for you and your team. For 6 years, we’ve been dedicated to providing only the highest standards of cleaning services for customers.

Commercial Floor Care

A dirty business can turn away any customer and cleanliness doesn’t just apply to your carpets. Just because you don’t have carpeting in your business doesn’t mean you can skimp on floor cleaning. Ensure the cleanliness of your business isn’t hindering your bottom line by calling the commercial floor cleaning technicians at RTG Building Services Inc.

Our commercial floor cleaning specialists have been keeping businesses in the country clean for more than 17+ years and we have the services you need to ensure your company is the cleanest on the block.

Interior & Exterior Window Washing

Our technicians are ready, willing and can wash both the exterior and interior of your windows. Interior window washing is the perfect addition to your exterior window service. So how do we make your windows so clean? We use the tried and true applicator and doctor blade method, using water and a biodegradable window cleaning solution to make your windows shine. Our technicians will take care of washing your interior windows by hand without dirtying them. We use cloth and booties and we are happy to help move some of your heavy furniture to ensure that your windows shine both inside and out. We will always treat your business with care.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is by far one of the best cleaning methods in the industry. This method allows you to thoroughly clean any surface and even prepare it before painting. You can wash your lining, fence, cover and more with pressure washing.

At RTG Building Services Inc we use pressure washing to clean all surface debris so that your business is completely sanitized. We offer pressure washing for the Omaha, NE community and span 200 miles around. Contact our team today to schedule a viewing, we will be happy to assist you with your cleaning projects.

Construction Cleaning

Construction isn’t complete until everything is dust and debris-free. Ensure your construction site clean-up services leave your project prepared for inspection, inhabitation, and action debris-free at every stage of construction.

Dust and debris buildup impact both air quality and site experience. Prepare for an inspection or engage post construction cleaning services to ready the site for use. Our construction cleaning services ensure you always have a project worth showing off.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Improve the look and life of your carpets with RTG Building Services Inc, carpet is a preferred flooring option for conference rooms, hallways, offices, hotel rooms, reception areas and other hospitality spaces. Available in almost any color and design, carpet flooring enhances the appearance of your work environment, while also acting as an air filter. Dirt, dust, allergens and other air pollutants get trapped by carpeting, keeping the air in your building healthier. But, without proper commercial carpet cleaning, carpeting can become dirty and discolored. Protect your carpet flooring investment with professional carpet cleaning services from RTG Building Services Inc.

At RTG Building Services Inc, we provide commercial carpet cleaning near you that tackles the deep-down dirt and dust of high-traffic areas. Using high quality, environmentally friendly products and advanced cleaning methods, we can help preserve the bright appearance, color and lifespan of your carpet.